Friday, January 18, 2013

A Role-Player's Tale

  Afternoon, infidels. I've made this blog on behalf of my crazy pursuit of the ultimate RPG that would please my ass with the ultimate roleplaying experience. With that out of the way, my roleplaying name is Libash and you'll be living in my world for a short while everyday... or at least when i feel like blogging my ass off!

  "In my glorious world, Zeragarde, iam Libash Bloodshed, shade of the north. I have become guild leader to "The Alchemist Order" a guild based on the art of alchemy; Trapping elekin into runes.
Elekin is a race of pure elemental apparitions roaming in the void, a world that co-exists in the planes of this forsaken yet beautiful twisting threads of reality that is Zeragarde.

   If i tell you more of this Zeragarde, I'd be spoiling most of the fun of this blog. i will be posting my story. My life in this fantastic world of magic. The things I've seen, how the way life is so much... better there. It exists somewhere, and you'll find it eventually by the end of my story. As i depart of this quill and ink, I smile in the face of everything, because it just is. Worth it."

- Libash Bloodshed.

  With that said, if you follow me, I'll update you with Libash's journal, which in reality is a book im writing called "The Runecraft". My name is Khaled in this world and I want to share my ultimate gaming experience with you, my passion is living in a better, funner, and more eventful world.

  I will list reviews of games and their role-playing worth on a weekly basis, or maybe more if i enjoy it much too much, and the ultimate crucible to these money-hungry gaming companies lie within this blogspot, please be my guest and enjoy the same games i do, role-play with Libash on the live-streams coming soon to youtube. A special thanks would go to Shalazor Iceheart, my very loyal companion and guardian, roleplaying by my side, and joining me in the Co-existing in Zeragarde!

Stay good, Keep playing.
- Khaled.

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