Saturday, January 19, 2013

Libash's Short Tales: #1

Hello, as you may know from the first post on this blog, I've began writing a story on my fictional character Libash, called "The Runecrafter" Iam currently in the works of revising the first chapter, which by 1/2/13, a page shall be released per day and as for the wait, I will update you on my RPGaming reviews weekly and giving you Libash's short tales daily for your entertainment.
I've an update on Libash, he wishes to share a short tale with you.

"I've recently set my eyes to the horizon, only to see a nearing traveler. Sturdy, four legged, with a human torso, It was a centaur. It wore a veil upon its face, that extends from a robe which covers its upper body, and had eyes that glowed blue; "Hello" said the centaur as he neared his destination; Me.
"Hey, centaur, what do you seek here in Forzok?" I said.
"What do i seek? Are you NOT Libash, the rumored Runecrafter?" He said with what seemed like a grin under his veil.

    "Aye, but..." I was cut off with a lighting fast slash to the liver, parried by my sword, but I found the pain staggering as my own blade has slightly driven into my hips from the unrelenting force of this centaurs colossus strength. Silently I looked deep into his eyes and attacked as fast as I can. Parried and dodged I found myself in quite a tight predicament. Seeing no choice I chanted;
"Wrong move, centaur." and stabbed the ground, channeling all my core into it to bind an elekin of flame into "Ignista", the only rune i know how to craft, which enchants my sword with fire. In vain, I shook uncontrollably as nothing happened and the centaur grew impatient, sand was then kicked in my face and the centaur cried;

   "Imposter... you are no runecrafter, i was hoping to see the fabled runecraft in play. This treachery does not go unpunished, since i traveled from Cenatera to Forzok, I will not leave without your head, fake. Know that Iam Gortok, your end."

 as the centaur charged up a final thrust into my chest, I lay on the ground, limp and hopeless. Savoring every inch of this vengeance upon the supposed liar I was, I closed my eyes and accepted my fate only to feel a burn in my chest. There was a massive explosion from my chest as the rune activated from it on contact with Gortok's mighty greatsword; I found my entire body on fire when next I gazed, but oddly enough, there was no pain... Gortok's sword has shattered only to leave a forsaken hilt in his hand, and ashes on the floor. I got up, and in awe, I waved my hands around... Gortok laid on the ground, although he shouted;


it was evident he was terrified as if he stared at a ghost; what did he see? But within the blink of an eye he was engulfed, blue flames lit him brightly, and ate away at his soul, until he seized to exist. He was nowhere when the flames disintegrated, and I looked down to see that I was no longer on fire, It felt like an age, but I was back on my feet. My sword was nowhere to be seen, but that's going to be a tale on its own, for I saw the unspeakable before he thrusted his blade unto me. Until next time... take caution, traveler." - Libash

Enjoy stories. Share my blog. Keep Playing.
- Khaled.

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