Friday, January 18, 2013

RaiderZ, A Downhill Experience

 Greetings, travelers. Recently I've been in the market for a good MMORPG and to my luck i found a hack and slash in my staggering quest to find the ultimate role-playing experience. So I invest some time to give "RaiderZ" a quick visit. It is a brand new hack and slash MMORPG by MAIET entertainment, and I wish to share my thoughts on this experience along with an exclusive quote from Libash's feelings of adventuring within this world.

  Although horribly engineered since it runs on low settings with 15 FPS on my I5, 6 GB RAM, 1 GB Graphics card, while guild wars 2 with mind-blowing visuals serves well with 45 FPS on medium settings.

 I have entered Libash into this world, as a mercenary i was overjoyed by the combat system, I literally spent about 5 hours grinding mobs for FUN. It was click to attack and block, and we had to aim every single ability. To my surprise since I've been far from the generic MMORPG market these days, I found that hack and slash is a growing trend, quickly implemented on every corner! The concept was stupefying since I've only dreamt of MMORPGS like this ealier.

  The story's conveyance and orientation was fine until we were sent out of the starting area; A pirate ship, to the big city, where the quest chain was broken in confusion to about 20 side-quests, not know that i had to move to the next wilderness to find my next quest giver. The weapons and armor were polished and impressive, very beautiful in design until I found out that they were numbered and that higher level gear has the exact same models, but with different colors. As for the role-playing? Noone was into it, and the guild system was quite primitive in my opinion although i liked the fact that it is easily accessible with 1 gold, but guild synthesis is boring here.

And now a word from Libash on this venture:

Libash in the RaiderZ character selection.
"Welcome, travelers. Libash here to tell of my experience in this rather new land. Firstly, I found myself thought of as a mercenary and decided to play along, gaining the gratitude of the pirates, I moved on to a big city where I was swarmed by knights and wizards locked in epic battle in the middle of town, oddly this is a popular pastime in this land to test the strength of one another. I've run errands for the local innkeeper who is related to the pirate captain. I've slain Crawler, and Fleetfoot single-handedly. I was overjoyed by the sheer sensation of heroism. It was mystical but i grew bored of the slow and stupid monsters that prove no challenge. I aim for a land that has recently opened to outsiders in need of heroes, TERA, it is known as. I cannot wait to learn all the new magics and enchantments awaiting me in that land, along with the ability to dual wield two swords, as the blades cascade through waves of flesh, and a song of steel lingers heavy in my ear canals, as I dance through countless hordes of beasts. Pick up your swords and lutes, champions, bards, and embark on this adventure with me, Libash Bloodshed!" - Libash

As Libash stated earlier, I will be moving to Tera Online, a more advanced version of RaiderZ in my opinion. Since it is gearing up to go free to play soon enough I will get a head start by downloading and playing the trial from now, maybe you should do so too (Europe server) since it can weight your hard-drive with its whopping 25 GB of download. Try RaiderZ out and tell me what YOU think in the comment section! Thanks for reading!

Stay strong, Keep Playing.
- Khaled.

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