Sunday, January 20, 2013

  The joys of just thinking about the concept are astounding.

 I imagine the next World Of Warcraft expansion right there. Mists of pandaria ruined EVERYTHING for me. It saved me from the WOW addiction that plagued my wallet though. It was amazing for roleplay, the adventures I had, the things I've seen... It was a whimsical world that brought me to my knees for more. It has a horrible quest and leveling system that is just completely boring, but it has its fun times.

 Imagine fighting Sargeras in the tomb with a brand new hack and slash interface, WOW. That would be truly amazing. A blessing infact, for this game is missing a graphics and combat system update!

 Lets all hold hands and hope that the next WoW expansion isn't a total disappointment like MoP.

More on the subject later!

Gaming, YES. Keep Playing.
- Khaled.

Libash's Shorts Tales: #2

Heyo! Libash is back yet again to shed some lore from Zeragarde on you. Without further a due, here it is, a very short tale. This is in response to the Dr.Suess writing dare; to write an interesting story in less than 50 words, but I'll extend it to 100 for your personal entertainment!

"A castle once contained a crystal which allowed the king to grow many crops, and feed his people. He was unaware wholly of the true power he wielded. He was a runecrafter; A chosen one. But when a spectral elekin spoke of this to him, he was suffused with uncertainty and fear, for he felt unable to stay pure with such powers. With humble intent he died destroying the crystal that withheld a gate to runecraft, and is rumored to still exist."

A million.
Within 82, with 18 to spare. This is continued in the book I'm writing "The Runecrafter"

More RP, Keep Playing.
- Khaled.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Second Identity

I've got a second life you know? Apart from loving writing, drawing, and gaming; Iam aiming to be musician, so why not check out my second blog?
Of Music And Men, "" where I'll be blogging my most recent studio takes and gigs, along with news on my first album!

Please support, But Keep Playing.
- Khaled.

Libash's Short Tales: #1

Hello, as you may know from the first post on this blog, I've began writing a story on my fictional character Libash, called "The Runecrafter" Iam currently in the works of revising the first chapter, which by 1/2/13, a page shall be released per day and as for the wait, I will update you on my RPGaming reviews weekly and giving you Libash's short tales daily for your entertainment.
I've an update on Libash, he wishes to share a short tale with you.

"I've recently set my eyes to the horizon, only to see a nearing traveler. Sturdy, four legged, with a human torso, It was a centaur. It wore a veil upon its face, that extends from a robe which covers its upper body, and had eyes that glowed blue; "Hello" said the centaur as he neared his destination; Me.
"Hey, centaur, what do you seek here in Forzok?" I said.
"What do i seek? Are you NOT Libash, the rumored Runecrafter?" He said with what seemed like a grin under his veil.

    "Aye, but..." I was cut off with a lighting fast slash to the liver, parried by my sword, but I found the pain staggering as my own blade has slightly driven into my hips from the unrelenting force of this centaurs colossus strength. Silently I looked deep into his eyes and attacked as fast as I can. Parried and dodged I found myself in quite a tight predicament. Seeing no choice I chanted;
"Wrong move, centaur." and stabbed the ground, channeling all my core into it to bind an elekin of flame into "Ignista", the only rune i know how to craft, which enchants my sword with fire. In vain, I shook uncontrollably as nothing happened and the centaur grew impatient, sand was then kicked in my face and the centaur cried;

   "Imposter... you are no runecrafter, i was hoping to see the fabled runecraft in play. This treachery does not go unpunished, since i traveled from Cenatera to Forzok, I will not leave without your head, fake. Know that Iam Gortok, your end."

 as the centaur charged up a final thrust into my chest, I lay on the ground, limp and hopeless. Savoring every inch of this vengeance upon the supposed liar I was, I closed my eyes and accepted my fate only to feel a burn in my chest. There was a massive explosion from my chest as the rune activated from it on contact with Gortok's mighty greatsword; I found my entire body on fire when next I gazed, but oddly enough, there was no pain... Gortok's sword has shattered only to leave a forsaken hilt in his hand, and ashes on the floor. I got up, and in awe, I waved my hands around... Gortok laid on the ground, although he shouted;


it was evident he was terrified as if he stared at a ghost; what did he see? But within the blink of an eye he was engulfed, blue flames lit him brightly, and ate away at his soul, until he seized to exist. He was nowhere when the flames disintegrated, and I looked down to see that I was no longer on fire, It felt like an age, but I was back on my feet. My sword was nowhere to be seen, but that's going to be a tale on its own, for I saw the unspeakable before he thrusted his blade unto me. Until next time... take caution, traveler." - Libash

Enjoy stories. Share my blog. Keep Playing.
- Khaled.

Friday, January 18, 2013

RaiderZ, A Downhill Experience

 Greetings, travelers. Recently I've been in the market for a good MMORPG and to my luck i found a hack and slash in my staggering quest to find the ultimate role-playing experience. So I invest some time to give "RaiderZ" a quick visit. It is a brand new hack and slash MMORPG by MAIET entertainment, and I wish to share my thoughts on this experience along with an exclusive quote from Libash's feelings of adventuring within this world.

  Although horribly engineered since it runs on low settings with 15 FPS on my I5, 6 GB RAM, 1 GB Graphics card, while guild wars 2 with mind-blowing visuals serves well with 45 FPS on medium settings.

 I have entered Libash into this world, as a mercenary i was overjoyed by the combat system, I literally spent about 5 hours grinding mobs for FUN. It was click to attack and block, and we had to aim every single ability. To my surprise since I've been far from the generic MMORPG market these days, I found that hack and slash is a growing trend, quickly implemented on every corner! The concept was stupefying since I've only dreamt of MMORPGS like this ealier.

  The story's conveyance and orientation was fine until we were sent out of the starting area; A pirate ship, to the big city, where the quest chain was broken in confusion to about 20 side-quests, not know that i had to move to the next wilderness to find my next quest giver. The weapons and armor were polished and impressive, very beautiful in design until I found out that they were numbered and that higher level gear has the exact same models, but with different colors. As for the role-playing? Noone was into it, and the guild system was quite primitive in my opinion although i liked the fact that it is easily accessible with 1 gold, but guild synthesis is boring here.

And now a word from Libash on this venture:

Libash in the RaiderZ character selection.
"Welcome, travelers. Libash here to tell of my experience in this rather new land. Firstly, I found myself thought of as a mercenary and decided to play along, gaining the gratitude of the pirates, I moved on to a big city where I was swarmed by knights and wizards locked in epic battle in the middle of town, oddly this is a popular pastime in this land to test the strength of one another. I've run errands for the local innkeeper who is related to the pirate captain. I've slain Crawler, and Fleetfoot single-handedly. I was overjoyed by the sheer sensation of heroism. It was mystical but i grew bored of the slow and stupid monsters that prove no challenge. I aim for a land that has recently opened to outsiders in need of heroes, TERA, it is known as. I cannot wait to learn all the new magics and enchantments awaiting me in that land, along with the ability to dual wield two swords, as the blades cascade through waves of flesh, and a song of steel lingers heavy in my ear canals, as I dance through countless hordes of beasts. Pick up your swords and lutes, champions, bards, and embark on this adventure with me, Libash Bloodshed!" - Libash

As Libash stated earlier, I will be moving to Tera Online, a more advanced version of RaiderZ in my opinion. Since it is gearing up to go free to play soon enough I will get a head start by downloading and playing the trial from now, maybe you should do so too (Europe server) since it can weight your hard-drive with its whopping 25 GB of download. Try RaiderZ out and tell me what YOU think in the comment section! Thanks for reading!

Stay strong, Keep Playing.
- Khaled.

A Role-Player's Tale

  Afternoon, infidels. I've made this blog on behalf of my crazy pursuit of the ultimate RPG that would please my ass with the ultimate roleplaying experience. With that out of the way, my roleplaying name is Libash and you'll be living in my world for a short while everyday... or at least when i feel like blogging my ass off!

  "In my glorious world, Zeragarde, iam Libash Bloodshed, shade of the north. I have become guild leader to "The Alchemist Order" a guild based on the art of alchemy; Trapping elekin into runes.
Elekin is a race of pure elemental apparitions roaming in the void, a world that co-exists in the planes of this forsaken yet beautiful twisting threads of reality that is Zeragarde.

   If i tell you more of this Zeragarde, I'd be spoiling most of the fun of this blog. i will be posting my story. My life in this fantastic world of magic. The things I've seen, how the way life is so much... better there. It exists somewhere, and you'll find it eventually by the end of my story. As i depart of this quill and ink, I smile in the face of everything, because it just is. Worth it."

- Libash Bloodshed.

  With that said, if you follow me, I'll update you with Libash's journal, which in reality is a book im writing called "The Runecraft". My name is Khaled in this world and I want to share my ultimate gaming experience with you, my passion is living in a better, funner, and more eventful world.

  I will list reviews of games and their role-playing worth on a weekly basis, or maybe more if i enjoy it much too much, and the ultimate crucible to these money-hungry gaming companies lie within this blogspot, please be my guest and enjoy the same games i do, role-play with Libash on the live-streams coming soon to youtube. A special thanks would go to Shalazor Iceheart, my very loyal companion and guardian, roleplaying by my side, and joining me in the Co-existing in Zeragarde!

Stay good, Keep playing.
- Khaled.