Sunday, January 20, 2013

  The joys of just thinking about the concept are astounding.

 I imagine the next World Of Warcraft expansion right there. Mists of pandaria ruined EVERYTHING for me. It saved me from the WOW addiction that plagued my wallet though. It was amazing for roleplay, the adventures I had, the things I've seen... It was a whimsical world that brought me to my knees for more. It has a horrible quest and leveling system that is just completely boring, but it has its fun times.

 Imagine fighting Sargeras in the tomb with a brand new hack and slash interface, WOW. That would be truly amazing. A blessing infact, for this game is missing a graphics and combat system update!

 Lets all hold hands and hope that the next WoW expansion isn't a total disappointment like MoP.

More on the subject later!

Gaming, YES. Keep Playing.
- Khaled.

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