Sunday, January 20, 2013

Libash's Shorts Tales: #2

Heyo! Libash is back yet again to shed some lore from Zeragarde on you. Without further a due, here it is, a very short tale. This is in response to the Dr.Suess writing dare; to write an interesting story in less than 50 words, but I'll extend it to 100 for your personal entertainment!

"A castle once contained a crystal which allowed the king to grow many crops, and feed his people. He was unaware wholly of the true power he wielded. He was a runecrafter; A chosen one. But when a spectral elekin spoke of this to him, he was suffused with uncertainty and fear, for he felt unable to stay pure with such powers. With humble intent he died destroying the crystal that withheld a gate to runecraft, and is rumored to still exist."

A million.
Within 82, with 18 to spare. This is continued in the book I'm writing "The Runecrafter"

More RP, Keep Playing.
- Khaled.

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